Product Care


Semi-Precious Stones

The term semi-precious does not mean these stones are inferior in quality or value, and regular cleaning is required. These are basically organic rock minerals, which means chemicals (including soaps) and hot water are a no-go as they might alter the natural colouration. Instead, wipe them down from time to time with a moist microfibre cloth and allow them to air dry.  Put your bracelet on last, after perfume, hairspray, and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.



Elastic Cord

Our cords are made with a high-tech polymer that does not crack or fray. However, every elastic like a rubber band will stretch out and lose strength after a period of time. To extend the life of the elastic, refrain from wearing your bracelet while bathing, in bed, or while taking part in sports activities. Roll it over your hand without excessive pulling instead of stretching it over your hand. We also recommend bringing them back to us every 6 months or so for restringing  a $3.50 fee per bracelet will apply.  




Gold Plating

Gold-plated charms will naturally tarnish, but only after a long time. Polish your gold-plated charms with a dry microfibre cloth and if necessary, wipe with a warm damp cloth before allowing them to air dry. Avoid circular motions and use a straight motion, which is better for the surface of the metal.



Gold Filled

Gold-filled charms are a huge step above gold plating, and will not change in colour nor flake off. Still, keep them away from harsh chemicals (mild soap is acceptable), and polish regularly with a microfibre cloth.



Copper Plating

These will tarnish slowly, which you can slow down by regularly polishing with a dry microfibre cloth.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel does not corrode nor rust, but it is still scratchable. Feel free to wipe them down or rinse with warm water before drying with a soft cloth or air drying.


Synthetic Beads

The blue goldstone (silicon dioxide glass with tiny copper specks), cat eye (fibre optic glass), and opalite (opalised glass) beads are all man-made, and are thus safe to rinse with harsher soaps and hot water.